About Us

Welcome to Natural Selection.

We started Natural Selection in 2014, but our love for the natural world has always been there. The shop was started by Emily and her mother, Marcy. Emily's parents always encouraged her love of nature- even the weirder side of it.
 After reading a biography on Theodore Roosevelt Emily decided to try her hand at taxidermy on a roadkill marmot. With the help of her mom- that first attempt blossomed into an obsession.
The shop has been an outlet for Emily's love of taxidermy- and Marcy's love of plants.

The shop is located in the heart of MidTown in Reno, Nevada. We created the store as an outreach of our love for everything natural. The beauty of nature shows in everything we sell, from rare succulents and houseplants to archivally preserved animal specimens.

Here's what we believe:

  • Everything is in its natural state. No Faux or human hand on our items.
  • Natural flora and fauna are shown as they meant to be.
  • Everything is treated with respect and admiration.
  • The unique and bizarre are only revered here. Nature is more strange than we could ever dream.
  • Changing inventory and ethically sourced items in all cases. This means animal products are all sourced as leftovers from hunters, trappers, or farms. They're also found through estates and private collectors.
  • We do our best to make sure all items are humanely sourced and that all vintage items and taxidermy is properly documented and collected.
  • Our passion translates into everything we do. We hope you'll find something that gives you the same joy it gives us.



We've been highlighted in some nice articles nationally, Like USA today and Sunset magazine. Here's a couple links, and they also tell our story pretty well.