Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Selection was created by a mother and daughter team of Marcy and Emily Felch. The two of them bring a love of the natural world to a small store where plants, live specimens and vintage taxidermy are collected and curated into a unique shopping experience.

Most importantly, their knowledge about plants and the animals in the store are what people are most impressed with. Hand picked plants from select greenhouses across the west coast are not only sold, but the understanding of how to properly care for each of the specimens is the strength of the store and the team here. Wondering how to care for your rare tropical or what level of light you'll need for them to flourish? They have the answers.

The animal specimens are also carefully presented with a respect for nature in all cases. Most of the taxidermy is rescued from yard sales and private collectors who no longer want the pieces. Rather than them being destroyed or neglected, we make sure they are brought back to their former glory and the respect of those animals preserved and passed on to future owners and nature lovers.

Please feels free to email, text, call or DM us on Instagram with any questions you might have.

Can I pay with using my credit or debit card?

Yes. Pay Pal as well.

I'd like to send my order as a gift, can you do gift wrapping?

Yes, please specify in your order that you would like your items to be gift wrapped.

Do you ship internationally?

Because of regional state laws and wildlife preservation acts, some items can not be sold or shipped over state lines. We are also careful to respect laws for each state and may need to authorize your local laws before shipping some items.

How did Natural Selection get started?

In the 7th-grade Co-owner and founder Emily read a biography about Theodore Rosevelt and about his childhood hobby- taxidermy. This sparked an interest so on her way home from babysitting young Emily picked up a roadkilled marmot which her mother Marcy helped her attempt to taxidermy. From that day taxidermy had become a full-blown obsession for Emily.

Can I buy plants off your website?

Due to our harsh winters, we will not be shipping plants till the weather warms up in spring. We can't guarantee that our plants will be able to survive the shipping process.

Protected animals or birds like hawks/birds of prey specimens.

We get asked this question A LOT. Any possession of birds of prey or other protected species without proper paperwork is ILLEGAL. We do not participate or condone any illegal activities- especially not ones that violate our love and appreciation for the natural world. These rules are also different based on your location. For example, in California, there are very strict laws about possession or sale of many animals that may be legal here in the state of Nevada. Call us for more details, but ultimately, your local laws will determine your possession. If there is a question about a species, we will not sell or trade in that items. Period.